EnSys Energy is a specialized consulting firm focused on the US and global downstream oil industry. Our work is centered on the refining sector, and how that sector interacts with and is impacted by developments across the energy industry. We deliver quantitative analyses and modeling solutions that aid in gauging outlooks and impacts.EnSys Energy Publications We have significant experience in the calculation of refining’s “strategic parameters:” utilization, product spreads, margins, economics, crude and product trade and regulation. Our WORLD model is used to project this information for long, medium, or short-term outlooks. The model has a 22-year track record of successful application.EnSys Energy's World Model of refining's strategic parameters October 2014 – Martin Tallett presented at the COQA/COQTA Meeting. Click here to review his presentation about North American Crude Supply and Logistics.
March 2014 – The API Crude Oil Exports Study is now published and available. Click here to learn about EnSys contribution to this document.
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