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Martin Tallett

President and founder of EnSys Energy, Martin Tallett is an established advisor to industry and government and a developer of decision support software and services. A chemical engineer with operational, supply planning, management and systems experience with Exxon and Amoco proceeding the current thirty plus years in international consulting.

Among Mr. Tallett’s main activities has been his development of, and leadership, in integrated global supply industry modeling  in the form of the EnSys WORLD oil model. This approach, continuously evolved and adapted to real world developments and issues over its 27 year track record, has established a proven and unique means to tackle important, strategic questions that are national, international and global in nature.

The resulting array of high profile and specialty analyses demonstrates the power and flexibility of WORLD.  Studies for clients as varied as the US Departments of Energy and State, EPA, EIA, American Petroleum Institute, OPEC Secretariat, International Maritime Organisation, major oil companies and technology providers have ranged from reference outlooks through 2040 to oil disruptions to marine fuel, ULS fuel and climate change regulatory impacts to technology and catalyst market outlooks.  Recent studies led by Mr. Tallett  have focused on North American supply and logistics issues, notably the potential refining and market impacts of Keystone XL and other pipeline and rail projects and of allowing US crude oil exports. Also, he has been named annually as a “main contributor” to each OPEC Secretariat World Oil Outlook published since 2007.


Mr. Tallett has also become frequently called upon to apply his industry expertise in expert witness work. Assignments for ExxonMobil on US West and Gulf Coast refining economics issues were followed by evaluation of the refining economics and other impacts of ethanol versus MTBE for the States of New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey. From 2011 through mid-2014, he led a major assessment of crude oil supply and logistics in and around Cushing in support of market manipulation litigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Mr. Tallett is a sought-after speaker at events such as the IEA-IEF-OPEC Symposium and major conferences.  He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Nottingham and is an active member of AI ChemE, IAEE and the Energy Institute.

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Martin Tallett

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