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We provide advanced expert witness services on matters relating to refining economics, fuels products, crude oil and product logistics and markets. In a recent multi-year assignment, EnSys supported the CFTC in a prominent crude oil market manipulation case.  Over the past 12 years, our involvement has ranged from West Coast crude oil economics to MTBE/ethanol/gasoline testimony to Midcontinent and Caribbean refining.

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Featured Projects

CFTC NYMEX Crude Delivery and Markets

For the CFTC, EnSys undertook a major assignment to analyze extensive proprietary data on U.S. crude oil markets centered on Cushing and NYMEX Light Sweet Futures in order to assess relevant deliverable supply.  This was undertaken in support of market manipulation litigation and led to EnSys advising in a follow-up class action suit.

MTBE in Gasoline

Beginning with the Oxygenated Fuels Association versus State of New York ‘Pataki’ case in 2003, EnSys has prepared and given substantial written and oral expert testimony in an array of cases concerning the use of MTBE in gasoline and its impacts on groundwater. Testimony has centered on the technical and refining economics aspects of using ethanol versus MTBE in gasoline in the US, on associated fuels properties and emissions and on defendants’ decisions to use MTBE versus alternatives. EnSys’ work has also entailed extensive review of gasoline supply (including internationally from Europe, Canada and elsewhere) into the US northeast, notably into New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey.

In the Yosemite Springs California case, EnSys produced an expert report addressing the defendant’s decisions to choose among various oxygenates in order to comply with California (CARB) and Federal regulations for gasoline production and distribution over the period 1992 through 2003. Other cases have generally concerned use in Federal reformulated gasoline through 2005.

TAPS Quality Bank

For ExxonMobil, EnSys conducted a series of assignments in the long-running TAPS quality bank case before the FERC. These covered evaluation of West Coast and comparative Gulf Coast refining economics, analysis of extensive proprietary contract data, development of a West Coast naphtha valuation method that was accepted by the court and associated extensive written and verbal testimony.

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