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Crude Flows Service

Detailed Tracking of Crude Oil Movements, Imports, Exports, Refinery Intake

The Crude Flows Service is a monthly subscription service that offers a unique monthly assessment of crude oil flows across, into, and out of the U.S via pipeline, rail, and barge/tanker.  The service enables clients to understand what is happening in today’s critical U.S. crude oil logistics sector.


  • Brings together an array of primary and secondary data sources including production, imports, exports, movements, and refinery intake to establish recent crude oil movements
  • Employs EnSys’ advanced modeling expertise to establish a full nationwide balance
  • Incorporates EnSys’ proprietary database of 70 crude oils


  • An extensive database that breaks down crude movements by grade, origin, destination, and mode of transport
  • A full suite of crude flow maps
  • A monthly highlights section that overviews shifts in the industry

Contact us today at info@ensysenergy.com or 781-274-8454 to discuss how our Crude Flow Service can help you stay informed on the latest developments in the industry.

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