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North America Logistics Review

Vital Data on Pipeline, Rail and Marine Projects and Capacity

The North America Logistics Review is a monthly subscription service delivering comprehensive coverage of U.S. and Canadian crude, NGL’s and product pipeline, rail and marine logistics developments, underlying data, and balances that forecast five years out.  The service enables clients to better understand and act on the many logistics developments occurring today in the USA and Canada, and which continue apace.

Highlights Section:

This section includes each month an Industry Overview by EnSys staff, followed by detail of the most relevant news from the previous month covering Pipeline, Rail, Marine & Terminals and other highlights that could potentially affect current and future logistics across the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Database Section:

  • Pipeline, rail and marine active and planned projects
  • Project description, states involved, capacity, status of the project and latest announcements
  • Includes crude oils, NGL’s, condensates/diluent, refined products, natural gas
  • More than 350 pipeline projects covered in USA and Canada
  • More than 150 rail unit train (and some manifest) loading/receiving terminals covered in USA and Canada
  • Database and project details updated every month as new announcements are made

Balances Section:

  • Cushing Balance (Pipelines/Modes In versus Out)
  • WCSB Balance (Supply versus Processing/Transport to Markets)
  • Bakken Balance (Bakken Takeaway/Supply Balance)
  • Rail Terminals Balance (Loading/Offloading Balance)
  • Data from 2012 and projections through 2023

Service details:

  • Monthly updates
  • Distribution via email
  • Files in PDF and Excel format
  • Yearly Subscription

Contact us today at info@ensysenergy.com or 781-274-8454 to discuss how our North America Logistics Review can help you stay informed on the latest developments in the industry.

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