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Oil & Gas Journal: EnSys predicts oil sands crude will reach US w/o Keystone XL pipeline

EnSys Energy & Systems Inc. and Navigistics Consulting concluded in a report issued as part of the US Department of State’s final environmental impact statement (FEIS) on TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline that it is “almost impossible…to conceive of a situation” wherein the anticipated 1.4 million b/d growth in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin […]

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US DOS Releases Keystone XL Impact Statement: Includes EnSys Analysis

U.S. Department of State releases its Keystone XL Final Environmental Impact Statement – includes EnSys KXL Assessment “No Expansion” Update analysis. Study draws extensively from our Ensys Energy Keystone XL Assessment “No Expansion” Update analysis especially on our detailed analysis of the status and future potential for rail, barge, and tanker movements and combinations, as […]

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