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Fuel Analysis

Marine Fuels Analysis

  Please feel free to download the EnSys/Navigistics MEPC70 presentation and/or our Supplemental Study Summary and Full Report as submitted to the IMO in the lead-up to MEPC70. Also, see our review of the MEPC70 decision and the recently launched EnSys/Navigistics ‘Marine Fuels 2020 Service‘. EnSys-Navigistics recently authored a Hydrocarbon Processing article “Anticipated market and pricing impacts from new marine […]

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IMO approves the proposed emission control area (ECA)

The Environmental Protection Agency announces that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved the proposed emission control area (ECA) for US coastal waters. This requirement will mean much lower sulfur standards and significantly improved coastal air quality. The proposal relied comprehensively on modeling work undertaken by EnSys Energy in conjunction with Navigistics Consulting into the bunker […]

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