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EnSys Submits Report on Trans Mountain Configuration Options to NEB Reconsideration Hearing

The Canadian National Energy Board recently conducted a ‘reconsideration’ hearing on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.  This followed a ruling by the Canadian Court of Appeals.  In a report submitted to the NEB by Nature Canada, EnSys examined the impacts on Salish Sea tanker traffic of alternative configurations for the Trans Mountain project.  We first assessed current tanker movements of crude oil from the Westridge Terminal in Vancouver and into Puget Sound refineries as part of a total regional crude supply balance. We then projected the changes that would result from the Trans Mountain expansion as proposed, together with alternatives that would either route more crude from TM into the Puget Sound refineries and/or would entail a smaller-scale expansion.  Our analysis showed that Salish Sea tanker movements are highly sensitive to the TM pipeline’s capacity and delivery.  Maximizing deliveries off the line into the Puget Sound refineries is one key to reducing crude flows through the Salish Sea.  The report is available here: EnSys NEB Report.


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