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Impacts of Tighter MARPOL Marine Fuels Standards on Global Refining & CO2 Emissions

Client: International Maritime Organization (Expert Fuels Group)

Year:  2007

Working with marine specialist Navigistics Consulting, EnSys undertook analyses of the global impacts of potential marine fuels quality changes that formed critical inputs into the MARPOL Annex VI regulatory process. Activities included a “bottom up” assessment of then current and future marine fuels demand, incorporation of these projections into the EnSys WORLD Model, then application of WORLD to quantify the impacts on product supply costs, refining investments, trade and CO2 emissions under various ECA and global standard scenarios, including potential use of on board scrubbing.  Activities included working closely with the IMO Expert Fuels Group to review premises, findings and their implications.

This assignment for the IMO followed prior work for the EPA and American Petroleum Institute which examined the effects of different compliance sulfur standards and fuel formulations.


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