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IMO Marine Fuels Assessments

Clients: EPA, API, IMO, IPIECA, Concawe/Fuels Europe, BIMCO, Petroleum Association of Japan, Canadian Fuels Association, among others.

Year: 2006-2019

EnSys in conjunction with marine specialist Navigistics has undertaken extensive analyses of the impacts of the IMO 2020 Sulphur Rule.  Starting with studies for the EPA, API and IMO in 2006-2008 in the lead-up to the formulation of the Rule, the team has continued since 2015 to provide leading edge assessments of the potential impacts from 2020 on.  Our coverage spans from IMO actions, implementation and enforcement to scrubber and marine fuels demand assessments to the utilization of the EnSys WORLD Model to quantify refining supply potential, market/pricing impacts across crude and products in 2020 and beyond to 2030.


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