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MTBE in gasoline litigation

Clients:  State Of New Jersey, State of New Hampshire, State of New York, City of New York, Suffolk County New York, California Water Services & Yosemite Springs

Years:  2003 – present

Beginning with the Oxygenated Fuels Association versus State of New York (“Pataki”) case in 2003, EnSys has prepared and given substantial written and oral expert testimony in an array of cases concerning the use of MTBE in gasoline. Testimony has centered on the technical and refining economics aspects of using ethanol versus MTBE in gasoline in the US, on associated fuels properties and emissions and on defendants’ decisions to use MTBE versus alternatives. EnSys’ work has also entailed extensive review of gasoline supply (both from domestic sources and including internationally from Europe, Canada and elsewhere) into the US northeast, notably into New York and New Hampshire. .

In the Yosemite Spring California case, EnSys produced an expert report addressing the defendant’s decisions to choose among various oxygenates in order to comply with California (CARB) and Federal regulations for gasoline production and distribution over the period 1992 through 2003. Other cases have generally concerned use in Federal reformulated gasoline through 2005.


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