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IMO approves the proposed emission control area (ECA)

The Environmental Protection Agency announces that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved the proposed emission control area (ECA) for US coastal waters. This requirement will mean much lower sulfur standards and significantly improved coastal air quality. The proposal relied comprehensively on modeling work undertaken by EnSys Energy in conjunction with Navigistics Consulting into the bunker […]

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Emission Control Area

EnSys Energy is cited in the US/Canadian application to the IMO for a coastal Emissions Control Area (ECA)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with other regulatory bodies in the United States and Canada, is considering whether to designate an Emission Control Area (ECA) along the North American coastlines. The study undertaken by EnSys Energy in partnership with RTI and Navigistics Consulting was used by the EPA to show the impacts and […]

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